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High Speed Wireless Internet Service in Fort Worth, TX

High Speed Internet in Fort Worth, TX

When it comes to providing high speed internet access in the greater Fort Worth area, only Cirra Networks has multiple technologies to get you online. Whereas some providers only offer wireless internet service or DSL, we provide both, as well as ISDN and dial-up. We are the largest, independent, regional internet service provider in North Texas.

If you're located in Tarrant, Parker, Johnson, Hood, Wise, or Palo Pinto county, we can get you internet service because we cover over 4,000 square miles of North Texas.

Wireless Internet or DSL Internet Service

Most of our customers prefer wirelesss internet service, and we do our best to meet that request. With each inquiry we evaluate the distance of your residence or business to our nearest radio tower and whether or not the topology of the land allows a direct, line-of-sight, wireless connection. If your proximity and line of sight to our radio towers is too far or obstructed, we can also consider high speed DSL internet service. If DSL internet is unavailable at your location, we can still offer dial-up or ISDN.

Why We Don't Offer Satellite Internet

To deliver our promise of customer satisfaction with our service plans, we rely on technologies that are less affected by day to day weather changes. Satellite internet is expensive and your high speed internet connection can become very slow in poor weather. The signal is bouncing from earth to a satellite thousands of miles in space and back to earth through rain and clouds sometimes. This inherently limits the connection speed you receive and is lower than other technologies such as wireless or DSL.

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Review our residential internet service plans or business internet service plans. Then, use our sign-up form, or call us directly at 817.259-1100 to get qualified for high speed internet.

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Customer Testimonials

The effort we make to service our customers is reflected in their Testimonials. No other regional provider in North Texas strives as much as we do to treat you like our only customer.

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