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Unlimited Data High Speed Internet for Small and Home Offices!

Small Office and Home Office Unlimited Internet Plans

Our internet service plans are great for Small and Home Offices (SOHO) that do not require dedicated bandwidth. Unlimited Data - No Caps!

Download x Upload 24 months + Installation
3 Mbs x 1 Mbs $69.99/mo. + $199.99
6 Mbs x 2 Mbs $89.99/mo. + $199.99
9 Mbs x 3 Mbs $109.99/mo. + $199.99
12 Mbs x 4 Mbs $129.99/mo. + $199.99
15 Mbs x 5 Mbs $149.99/mo. + $199.99
25 Mbs x 6 Mbs $189.99/mo. + $199.99
35 Mbs x 7 Mbs $229.99/mo. + $199.99
Internet Protection Service $9.95/mo.
Cirra Voice for Small Office / Home Office

Internet Protection Service

Cirra Networks Internet Protection Service Plan is designed to keep your internet access in top shape and save you money over the long-term.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

If you are not satisfied with your service for any reason, simply give us a call and we will do our best to make things right!

We're Local

Cirra Networks is based in Fort Worth and our employees are working and living in your local communities. We have been serving our residents and businesses as independent operators for well over a decade before we founded Cirra Networks